About drawing

I need nothing more than a table, a chair, a piece of paper and a pencil to start drawing. Often I have all those but something stops me still. Maybe it’s the forthcoming hours of hard work before me or the vague idea about the final result which I aspire. Therefore I often take the pencil and begin scribbling, but…avoiding any outline action from the outset, because in this way I would put a framework in which I will act later. Gradually, my mind begins to form the idea of shapes, textures and techniques which I need to finish the work. The key to success is patience. It is that patience to put line after line keeping idea of the overall image only in my imagination. Patience helps me not to bend before despair, after working for several hours when I realize I haven’t been making fast progress. Patience not to give in to boredom, frustration, disappointment, excitement ...

Taking into consideration all that, it’s really hard for me to reach for the pencil and begin drawing. I often want to abandon everything and to get away from the monotonous rhythm of lines and shapes, to stop dreaming hexagonal dreams and mazes in which my mind is roaming... In such moments, I focus on my will and keep on going, because the only way to make things happen is "to continue".

Of course, some of my works are unfinished. The audience might think that after all, my patience had left me. It is just inappropriate to justify myself. The explanation is simple. Maybe it seems prosaic, but the only reason to leave things unfinished is running out of ink refill or the impossibility to find similar. Later on I have come up with ideas for completing a particular piece of work by using different tools. Unfortunately the differences are too obvious and not very nice and I wasn’t really pleased with the outcome, so I would rather leave some works unfinished. Maybe someday I will have them finished, but for now they help me as they are, showing me the way I have gone through to be here.