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Welcome to my virtual gallery


I have presented here some of my works that I have in digital format and I managed to scan in the years. Many of my early pieces have disappeared into nothingness while they have been waiting for their author to believe in his ability to create beauty.


My aim is to promote my artwork on this site. Although I am self-taught in drawing, I try to compensate my unskilfulness in drawing with great patience and other skills that I have acquired and cultivated myself.
The process of creating my artwork does not take much funds or material resources. The only conditions for the success are the right mental tuning and of course - patience. Some of my artwork have taken me months. Is it worth? Judge for yourself.


I started in the mid-80s. My first hexagon was created during a high school Russian language lesson. At the beginning I just filled sheet aftersheet of polygons as a part of meditative practice aimed at remembering the school knowledge. Later on I decided to give forms of the hexagons. I could see different shapes in my head forming a variety of 3D images. I followed these forms and shapes and here is what happened.


At first sight the viewer sees a shape. His mind associates this shape with something familiar, for example - a leafor a hand. At this level, that I call “the macro level”, my works might seem a bit naive, as the forms that I recreate are stylized and simplified. Besides this level, however, there is another one - the level of contemplation. The viewer can dip into this level by studying the labyrinth formed by numerous lines that construct the shapes. Those who know, can easily find the essence of the work through contemplation. After a while, the perception achieved by staring, can give the viewer a frame of mind that reveals the original concept and intention of the work. Each image is a "koan", which has a hidden meaning. The sense is encoded in the work with great patience and only with patience and contemplation it could be revealed.


Wednesday the 19th. Nako Art
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